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Bio Collagen Shampoo for Dry Hair

250ml, 750ml
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Unleash the power of Bio Keratin with WOLFOX IMPERIAL

Embrace the Power of Advanced Hair Care

Transformative Clarity for Your Hair: Introducing the Bio Keratin Shampoo for Greasy Hair by Wolfox Imperial. This revolutionary shampoo is designed for those who seek a solution to manage oily hair, while fortifying its natural beauty and strength.

Key Features:

  • Advanced Keratec IFP PE: A patented keratin-based active that forms a ‘protein shield’, safeguarding your hair against environmental stressors like UV rays, pollution, and more.
  • Potent Bio-Keratin PF: Delivers restorative properties with high homology, revitalizing your hair from the root to the tip.
  • Iselux SLC Innovation: A concentrated surfactant blend, perfect for high-performance cleansing with a natural touch.
  • Panthenol (Provitamin B5) Boost: Strengthens hair roots and rebuilds hair structure, offering a resilient and healthy appearance.
  • Unitrienol™ T-27 Effect: A bioactive complex that normalizes sebum levels, hydrates, and smoothens hair for a long-lasting, grease-free look.
  • Natural Conditioning with Armocare G 113: A naturally-derived conditioning agent that eases combing and enhances hair manageability.
  • Tocopherol (Vitamin E) Enrichment: A vital antioxidant that fortifies hair, prevents damage, and promotes healthy growth.
  • NATURA-TEC VEGETABLE NMF: Mimics the scalp’s natural moisturizing factor, optimizing the skin barrier function and promoting enzyme activity.

Elevate Your Hair Care Experience: Wolfox Imperial’s Bio Keratin Shampoo for Greasy Hair is more than a cleansing product; it’s a rejuvenating journey for your hair. Experience the transformation as your hair regains its natural balance, vitality, and luminous beauty.

How to Use: Apply to wet hair, work into a lather focusing on the roots, and rinse thoroughly. For enhanced results, complement with Wolfox Imperial’s Bio Collagen Conditioner.

Step into a World of Balanced Beauty: Bid farewell to greasy hair and embrace the strength, vitality, and purity. Let Wolfox Imperial’s Bio Keratin Shampoo be your choice for harmonious, oil-free hair health.


Shampoo Type

Purifying and Strengthening

Key Ingredients

Keratec IFP PE, Bio-Keratin PF, Iselux SLC, Panthenol (Provitamin B5), Unitrienol™ T-27, Armocare G 113, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), NATURA-TEC VEGETABLE NMF

Suitable for

Greasy hair, offering advanced oil control and hair strengthening.


Yes, adhering to ethical beauty practices.


Yes, for a safe and gentle hair care routine.


Yes, ensuring a kind and effective cleansing experience.

pH Balanced

Yes, to preserve the natural harmony of hair and scalp.


250 ml, 750 ml


What hair types are Wolfox Imperial’s BIO KERATIN shampoos suitable for?

Our range of BIO KERATIN shampoos caters to various hair needs, including normal, coloured, greasy, and dry hair. Each formula is uniquely designed to target specific hair concerns while being gentle enough for all hair types.

Can I use these shampoos on colour-treated hair?

Yes, our shampoos are formulated to be gentle on colour-treated hair. While our specific formulas for normal and coloured hair are especially designed to protect and enhance color vibrancy, all our shampoo variants are safe and beneficial for color-treated hair, helping to maintain its brightness and prevent fading.

Are these shampoos safe for daily use?

Yes, all our BIO KERATIN shampoos are gentle enough for daily use. They are formulated to cleanse effectively while preserving the natural balance of your hair and scalp.

What are the key benefits of Bio Keratin in your shampoos?

Bio Keratin strengthens and enhances hair elasticity, reduces breakage, and imparts a silky-smooth texture. It is a natural protein that helps in rejuvenating and protecting the hair.

Do these shampoos contain any sulfates or parabens?

We prioritize the health and safety of your hair. Our shampoos are formulated without harsh sulfates or parabens, ensuring a gentle yet effective cleansing experience.

How often should I use BIO KERATIN shampoo?

Usage can vary based on your hair type and needs. For most hair types, using it 2-3 times a week is sufficient. However, if you have particularly greasy or dry hair, you might adjust the frequency accordingly.

Can I use Wolfox Imperial’s shampoos with other hair care products?

Yes, our shampoos are compatible with a wide range of hair care products. For optimal results, we recommend using them with Wolfox Imperial’s Bio Collagen Conditioners.

What sizes are available for these shampoos?

Our BIO KERATIN shampoos are available in 250ml and 500ml bottles. The 250ml is priced at 15€ and the 500ml at 24€.

Are these shampoos cruelty-free and environmentally friendly?

Yes, Wolfox Imperial is committed to cruelty-free practices and environmental sustainability. Our products are designed with respect for both nature and our furry friends.

What is the shelf life of these shampoos?

The shelf life of our shampoos is typically two years from the manufacturing date. We recommend storing them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

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