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BIO COLLAGEN shampoo for greasy hair

250ml, 750ml

BIO COLLAGEN shampoo for greasy hair

250ml | 750ml

HYDRO MARINE COLLAGEN V10 Improves and strengthens hair structure. Collagen has been proven to be an effective treatment for dry and brittle hair. It softens and smooths the hair surface, restructures and strengthens.

BIO MARINE COLLAGEN The use of collagen ensures a smooth hair texture, improving the silky feel. Promotes hair growth. Protects against the harmful effects of the environment, especially UV radiation. Strengthens the hair and increases the diameter of individual hairs.

Active ingredients:

  • Iselux SLC - Concentrated surfactant blend for use in structured sulphate-free personal care formulations.
  • BIO MARINE COLLAGEN - An active ingredient with an unusually high concentration of soluble collagen of marine origin.
  • Panthenol - Provitamin B5 strengthens hair roots and restores hair structure.
  • Unitrienol™ T-27 - A bioactive complex that normalises sebum, improves hydration and reduces roughness.
  • Armocare G 113 - A naturally occurring cationic conditioning polymer used in many cosmetic products. Provides light wet combing and conditioning.
  • Tocopherol (Vitamin E) - A key antioxidant that strengthens hair, prevents breakage and stimulates growth.
  • NATURA-TEC VEGETABLE NMF - Plant-derived analogue of natural scalp moisturising factor. Creates favourable conditions for the action of hydrolytic enzymes involved in the exfoliation process; helps optimise the barrier function of the stratum corneum.